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CenterOwl is the core application for the business center's operation, capturing all detailed data related to billing. One of the most frequently used functions in CenterOwl is POS, entering of real-time charges. Several other important components are batch and credit card processing, vacancy control, occupancy forecast, lease management, view availability and scheduling conference meeting rooms. Its most valuable function is the automatic invoice generation, which is either emailed or printed. CenterOwl is the center of OWL, where everything is connected.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management gives you the ability to manage sales and prospect information. Tracking all sales activities, from start to finish, enabling us to efficiently monitor our advertising expenses, customer acquisition cost, and closing ratio. The forwarding feature is beneficial for multiple locations which allow users to forward prospects to each other. The system generates summary and detailed leads report for management analysis.

Conference Meeting Room
Conference Meeting Room reservation is a real-time tool allowing both the customers and internal employees to reserve conference facilities among their locations. The conference meeting room application also controls the door access system. When a reservation is made, the customer's access card will be able to open the door. The booking is automatically tied to billing. The system has reports on CMR overage and after hours use. The overage is automatically billed to the customers.

IT Management
IT Management allows you to administer and control your organization's data portion, including wall plates maintenance, Internet access via MAC address filtering, wire and wireless activation and/or deactivation. Most important, IT Management is linked to the customer's contract for each office thereby automatically terminating Internet access upon expiration of contract. This system provides data security to your tenants as well as capturing loss revenue from unauthorized access. It is based on the same user interface as other OWL products, which avoids technical training, and not having to get inside the server room to connect patch cables for activation, essentially everything is done through the software. IT Management controls managed switches through SNMP protocol and MAC address filtering through routing table. IT Management is proven to work with HP and Dell products, therefore it is important to purchase the right equipment and our OfficeWyze team will help you set it up.

Asset Management
Asset Management tracks inventory and send journal entries to Financial Management for calculation of depreciation. Upon processing vacate, all assets are updated in the system reflecting lost/missing/damaged items. Asset Management bills for unaccounted items, avoiding revenue loss.

Credit Card Authorization
Credit Card Authorization automatically charges rent and services either separately or combined on the set date. The system provides confirmation for all successful and failed charges. Simply enter customer's credit card information once and the system saves the data for future processing. Users can view all transactions in the credit card report section.

Security and Surveillance
Security and Surveillance contains two components; camera surveillance and door lock system, both fully integrated with CenterOwl and Front Desk. The surveillance application supports capture, analysis, recording, and monitoring of data coming from one or more video or network cameras attached to a Linux system. Users have the ability to view all their locations by logging on to the web. It is convenient and puts everyone at ease. Anyone that is connected to the web can access and control the door lock system controls all doors in the facility such as lobby, back door, conference, meeting and boardrooms. Front Desk can easily access the camera system within a few touches. OWL works with industry lead Kerisys to provide all hardware for door control; Kerisys have representation in 90 countries.

Leasing Management
Leasing Management is target rent setting, proposal and lease generation. It prevents the leasing person from selling less than its cost. All offices have a target rent set, which is based upon our extensive industry experience. Not all offices are equivalent. Besides internal and external; there are view and size differences. Once it is set up, the system generates the target rent. It will not generate an agreement if it is below cost. Lease management also provides early warnings for lease expiration and it automatically sends out emails for online renewal. All proposals and contracts are serial numbered control.

Human Capital Management
Human Capital Management keeps track of employee information and schedule. Employee schedule is based on time requirement and set budget. The system prevents unauthorized work time prohibiting employee overtime abuse. Several key reports such as attendance, employee punctuality, and employee reliability are effective ways of managing employees and controlling salary expenses.

Financial Management
Financial Management is the back end of our ERP solution in which all front end data are collected and reorganized into a financial reporting format. Financial Management has accounts payable, accounts receivables, general journal, bank reconciliations, and consolidated financials that can convert back to its base currency. In addition, it provides financial reporting capability including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. It supports multi-currencies and multi-languages.

Web Portal
Web Portal is a real-time reservation system for all business centers that use the OWL solution. A charge of 10% commission is applicable on all transactions originated from this site. This is a fully automated system in which business center staff does not need to constantly update, it is done automatically through its single database. Users can make reservation for office space, meeting room, day office, and/or purchase VO services online.

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